Thank You, God, For Not Telling Me Everything

There are so many things I wondered about when I was a child.

Would I get married?

What would my wife look like?

How many kids would I have?

What kind of work would I do?

Where would I live?

Would I be happy?

Those questions have long since been answered and a bunch of new ones have taken their place.

Will I retire in my current job?

How long will my health hold up?

Will I die before Marilyn or after?

Will they ever build a Famous Dave’s Barbeque in Kissimmee?

No matter what stage of life we find ourselves in, questions abound.  I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it frustrating to think that God knows all the answers and won’t tell me.  Not even a little hint.  I would appreciate it so much if he would just give me a general idea of when my health is going to start breaking down.  I could circle that year on my calendar and make sure I got all my bucket list stuff done before then.

But most of the time I’m glad God doesn’t tell me everything.

Imagine going to the theater with the author of the play being performed.  You’re excited to see the production, but you can’t enjoy it because the man sits there whispering in your ear from start to finish.  He tells you what to watch for, explains the plot twists before they happen, and reveals the ending before the characters have a chance to play it out.  I’m guessing you would go home angry and frustrated…and probably swearing never to go to another play with the author.

I believe that part of the wonder of life is its mystery.  Part of the fun of life is watching it unfold in real time before our eyes and being surprised at the twists and turns.  So while I do have questions, I’m not complaining about God’s decision not to answer them.  Like Abram, who was told to pack up and move, but wasn’t told where he was going (Genesis 12:1), I choose simply to fasten my seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

For further reflection read Proverbs 25:2.



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  1. Rosan Germaine says:

    Considering the uncertainty of each day, I also choose to take it one day at at time and be grateful for his mercies (they are new every morning) and a daily supply of grace. Thanks Mark.

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