What’s So Funny?

By now you’ve heard about the Australian DJs who put in a crank call to the hospital where the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for acute morning sickness.  After claiming to be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, they were connected to a nurse and given confidential information.  Apparently, their voice impersonations were very bad, leading them to believe they’d never get through.  When they did, they kept the hoax going, even when they realized the Duchess’s privacy was being violated.

It was all very hilarious until, last Friday, one of the nurses they talked to committed suicide.  Many believe the nurse’s remorse over releasing the Duchess’s private information contributed to her decision to take her life.  She had a husband and two kids.

Incidents like this are a reminder that our world has a sick sense of humor.  Some disc jockeys, stand-up comedians, sitcoms (both real and animated), and movies seem to be competing to see who can be the most outrageous.

What’s disturbing is to see so many Christians laughing along.

Last summer I was told by a professing Christian that the movie, Ted (about a talking teddy bear), was hilarious.  A day or two later I read that some movie rating website dubbed it the “dirtiest” movie of the year.

Recently, a Christian couple I know went to see an R-rated comedy.  I had seen the trailer on television and knew it was trash.  I asked what they thought of it, hoping they would say they walked out or regretted their choice.  They called it hilarious and expressed no second thoughts at all.

People, what are we doing?

What fellowship has light with darkness?  How is it even remotely appropriate for Christ followers to be supporting such filth?  How can we possibly believe that filling our minds with vulgarity won’t affect us spiritually?

And don’t even think about lecturing me on the subject of legalism.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from a legalist.  Nor am I a prude.  My concern is that we don’t see what’s happening to us.  Jesus said to the church at Ephesus, “Look how far you have fallen!” (Revelation 2:5)  When I hear Christians talking about how hilarious the dirtiest movie of the year is, I have to think Jesus might be saying the same thing to us.

I know it’s impossible to totally avoid filth when we live in a filthy world.  Even some TV commercials are terribly off-color.  But we don’t have to choose filth.  We don’t have to support it with our money.  We don’t have to let it be our entertainment of choice on date night.

It’s an old idea, but still a powerful one: ask yourself if you’d choose that filthy movie or that potty-mouthed comic if Jesus was sitting by your side.

Oh, and by the way…he is.

For further reflection read 2 Timothy 2:21 and Matthew 5:8.


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3 Responses to What’s So Funny?

  1. Kathy Wennlund says:

    Thank you so very much . The things our culture finds”funny”is truly disturbing.

  2. Rosan Germaine says:

    At this moment, I ask for forgiveness if this comes off as “judgmental”. I myself thought the whole thing to be disgusting. My heart goes out to the family of that dear woman. As for some of us Christians, I wonder how we could do and say some of the things that comes from our mouths and our hearts. Are we really DOING the word?
    Thanks Mark for your comments.

  3. Marg says:

    I am also saddened for the young women’s family. I also agree with Rosan and I know i need to watch myself more also. My reading at times can get my mind going with all kinds of questions? No shades of gray type, just abut the bible and other people thoughts on it. It amazes me for sure when people say thats just the way it is now! I cannot accept it. We make it that way. Sorry got off on a roll here.

    Thanks for the reminder Mark.

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