Living Up to Your Name

On Christmas day, 2006, the Associated Press carried a story about the Christmas family, from Gainesville, Georgia.  On Christmas, 1935, Henry Christmas married a girl named–you guessed it–Mary, and the fun officially began.  Along the way, there came another Mary Christmas and her sister, Christy Noel.  A girl named Cathy Holiday married one of the Christmas boys and gave birth to a daughter, Carol.  And one of the Christmas daughters married into a family named White, making her Jeane Christmas White.

But the part of the article that struck me was this: “The Christmas family lives up to its cheerful name.  They are a lively bunch, finishing each other’s sentences and laughing at a constant stream of jokes.”  The article goes on to point out that the Christmases are people of faith.  Robby Christmas, age 28, said, “It would be my goal that our lives as a family exemplify, not just the birth of Christ, but the life of Christ.”*

Your name may not be Christmas, but if Jesus is your Lord and Savior, it’s Christian.  You took on His name when He adopted you into His family.  And for that reason, everything you do reflects back on Him.

I heard about a Christian business owner who was driving past a strip club and saw one of his company trucks sitting in the parking lot.  There, for everyone to see, was the owner’s name on the side of the truck in big block letters right underneath a flashing neon sign advertising nude girls.  As you might expect, the employee, who was supposed to be working, was fired.  But not just for his dubious use of company time.  The owner said that he was equally upset about the staining of his company name.

You may not have the name of Jesus tattooed on your forehead.  You may not be driving a panel truck with His name written on the side.  But if you claim to be a Christian, you still carry it wherever you go.  Are you living up to it?

For further reflection read Amos 2:6-7, Malachi 1:11-12, Matthew 6:9, 1 Peter 4:16.

*AOL News, December 25, 2006

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  1. Marg says:

    Some days it shows and sadly others it does not.:(

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