Benny Hinn’s Remarriage…A Miracle?

By definition, a miracle is a purposeful act which involves the interruption of the accepted laws of nature.

People often refer to “the miracle of childbirth,” but childbirth is as far as you can get from a  miracle because it is the law of nature, not an interruption of the law of nature.

Not long ago a college basketball player hit a half-court shot at the buzzer to win a game for his team.  The ESPN announcer called it a “miraculous” shot.  He was wrong.  It was unlikely, yes.  Improbable, for sure.  But nothing about the shot constituted an interruption of the accepted laws of nature.

A new medication that is effective in treating a dreaded disease is often called a “miracle drug.”  It isn’t.  All medications–even the new ones that make headlines–operate according to the laws of nature, not in spite of them.

I’m not sure there’s a religious word that is more misused and abused than the word “miracle.”

Enter Benny Hinn.

In case you missed it, this past Sunday afternoon the controversial evangelist remarried the woman he divorced in 2011.  The ceremony was two hours long and was held at The Holy Land Experience here in Orlando.  About a thousand people attended the ceremony, including several celebrity pastors.  Two of those celebrity pastors, Jack Hayford and Reinhard Bonnke, repeatedly referred to the Hinns’ remarriage as a miracle.*

When I read that, I thought, “Here we go again!”

For the record, I am happy for the Hinns.  I  have many a theological bone to pick with Benny, but I sincerely rejoice that he and his wife were able to work out their problems and agree to remarry each other.  But please, don’t try to tell me it was a miracle.  It may have involved a lot of things, including confession of sin, repentance, prayer, improved communication, etc.  But don’t tell me it was a miracle unless the bride and groom were flying around the chapel like birds when they renewed their vows.

Sometimes I wonder if the reason why so many Christians are anxious to call every little oddity a miracle is because they think God needs the public relations help.

He doesn’t.

God has performed more than enough real miracles to solidly establish his credentials.  He’ll perform more in the future, when he sees fit.  In the meantime, when we misuse the word, all we do is further the misunderstanding and obscure God’s real miracles with a lot of mildly interesting fluff.

For further reflection read Hebrews 2:4, 3:9 and Psalm 78:42-43,

*Reported  on March 4, 2013 by Steve Strang in CharismaNews


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16 Responses to Benny Hinn’s Remarriage…A Miracle?

  1. Holly says:

    I must say I sooo agree!! Well said:)

  2. Jack says:

    If Benny Hinn failed to call something a miracle, “that” would be a miracle.

  3. Barb Paton says:

    Thank you, Mark. The topic of miracles is something that Rich and I talk about often and we fully agree with you that it’s time that people, including Christians, to quit using the term unless they have witnessed a true miracle, one only God could do. We know He still performs miracles, but nothing that I’ve witnessed on the basketball court or in the remarriage of Benny Hinn. Thank you again!

  4. Marg says:

    This one really stumps me Mark. I look out my window in the am and see a beautiful Eagle sitting on a utility pole I can see just outside. That to me is one of God’s miracles and he put it on that pole just for me. If you ask someone who has lost a child in childbirth or unable to have children – the childbirth is a miracle. I somewhat understand the word like awesome is sometimes over used but still some are Miracles.

    • Mark says:

      Marg, I think what you’re sensing is that all of God’s creation is a miracle. For him to speak this world into existence with all its beauty and complexity is miraculous. With that, I agree. However, within the framework of the laws of nature he has established, an eagle sitting on a utility pole is not miraculous. Beautiful, yes, but not miraculous. Likewise, childbirth is the most normal thing in the world. Just look how many people there are! It happens countless times every day! True, it seems afar off for a couple that’s suffered a miscarriage. But still, childbirth is the norm, not the exception. A REAL miracle would be the virgin birth or the parting of the Red Sea or the resurrection of the dead. I hate to see us cheapen the idea of a miracle by calling every beautiful or unusual thing miraculous. Words like “miracle” should not be overused.

  5. Steve Jones says:

    Right on target, again, as usual. IMHO the reason most people overuse the term “miracle” is because they want to give credit to God for his glorious provision in their lives, i.e. sunset, baby’s birth, wedding – and “miracle” is the only word they know to use. “Providence” is the word for God’s NON-miraculous provision in our daily lives. Sunsets, births, weddings, headings, etc are “providential.”

  6. Marg says:

    Now I can understand the oops for sure Steve. Interesting post thanks

  7. Dee Armes says:

    I believe the same thing might be said for other some other misused words: i.e. “hero”.
    The word is used to describe almost any action from throwing oneself on a live handgrenade to save the lives of fellow soldiers to the boy scout who helped the little old lady across the street. Not every good act is heroic. Not every amazing aspect of God’s work is a miracle.

    • Mark says:

      Very true, Dee. That word “hero” has been generalized to include every soldier, every policeman, every fireman, every teacher, etc., when common sense tells us that not every person who fits those categories is heroic. If they were, there would be no need for Internal Affairs investigations, disciplinary actions, or dishonorable discharges.

    • Marg says:

      Another interesting subject and which definition of Hero are we to use for which situation?

  8. Dolores says:

    Hello Mark,
    Wow….why do you make me think so hard? Steve, thanks for your post, it helped!!

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