Can You Be Bought?

The 1919 Chicago White Sox were very good, but very underpaid.  Their star, Shoeless Joe Jackson, made six thousand dollars per season while players on other teams made twice as much money with half as much talent.  Sox players were also given  three dollars a day for meals, while most other teams received four.  Naturally, the players resented team owner, Charles Comiskey, whom they saw as a cheap skate.

In spite of that resentment, the team played well and made it to the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds.  Most experts thought the Sox would win and were mystified when the team played like a bunch of minor league misfits.  Wild pitches, balks, errors, and numerous boneheaded plays gave the Reds the series victory and left Sox fans scratching their heads.

As you know, the series was fixed.  Eight White Sox players conspired with gamblers to guarantee the outcome.  They did it for ten thousand dollars apiece.  They were tried and convicted in 1921.

They say that every man can be bought, that we all have our price.  I’d like to believe that’s not true, but I wonder.

Eve’s price was the promise of God-like knowledge.

Esau’s was a bowl of soup.

Samson’s was sexual pleasure.

Solomon’s was political power and prestige.

Judas’ was thirty pieces of silver.

What about you?  Can you be bought?  Are you being bought this very minute?

Are you selling your integrity for a little tax-free money under the table?

Are you selling your marriage vows for a few cheap thrills with a coworker?

Are you selling your purity for some naughty Internet pictures and videos?

Are you selling your financial security for a lifestyle that exceeds your income?

Are you selling your health for the satisfaction of your sweet tooth?

Are you selling your breath for the sating of your nicotine addiction?

Every day Satan browses humanity with a pocket full of goodies, looking for people who can be bought.  Don’t think for a moment that his first offer will be his last.  If you say no, he’ll just reach a little deeper into his bag of goodies.  Make up your mind right now that no matter what he offers, you are not for sale.

For further reflection read Mark 8:36 and James 4:7.







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  1. Holly says:

    Amen!! Thanks for your encouraging words:)) love ur blog:)

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