It’s A Different World

On Saturday I took my seven-year-old granddaughter to a movie.  We saw The Croods while eating Junior Mints and sipping Hi-C fruit punch.  The most memorable part of the experience, however, was a conversation we had on the way to the theater.

“Papa, did you hear about the man who was hurting people with bombs?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you know he was hiding in a boat while the police were looking for him?”

“Yes, I saw that on the news.”

“He was very dangerous.”

“Yes, I know.  I’m glad they caught him.”



“I don’t ever want to be a policeman.”


“Because I don’t want to get killed.”

I tried to explain to her that not all police officers get killed.  Some do, but most don’t.  I also told her that it was okay if she didn’t want to be a police officer, but that we should be thankful for those people who do.  They are very brave and they protect us.  She said, “I know.  I want to be brave, I just don’t want to get killed.”

And then she said, “Can we talk about something else?  This stuff makes me nervous.”

I’ve since tried to remember what my life was like at seven.  I’m confident I knew nothing of terrorists and bombs and mad killers running loose.  All I knew of crime was George Reeves in his Superman tights busting through walls and knocking the crooks’ heads together.

What a different world it is for our children.

Those of us who are parents and grandparents need to rededicate ourselves to teaching our kids about Jesus, his love, and the hope of heaven.  It’s the only way to counter-balance the darkness that is so cruelly thrust upon them.  Even the most dedicated parents cannot completely insulate their children from the cold realities of a world gone crazy, but we can make sure that they hear the other side of the story.

Psalm 78:4 says, “We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the wonderful deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders.”

If ever there was some great parental advice for the current generation of parents and grandparents, that’s it.  While Fox News and CNN are broadcasting our daily nightmares, let our mouths be broadcasting the power and the love of God, and the hope that comes with it.

For further reflection read Psalm 91:14-16 and 94:22-23.



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5 Responses to It’s A Different World

  1. Jeanine says:

    This is so true. Thank you for the insight

  2. Teresa says:

    Mark while our world has defiantly changed (for the worse), I remember the prayers I prayed for peace as a seven year old. I was very afraid of my uncle being killed in war, and my parents told me to pray that was all the hope they could offer. He was shot down when I was seven, but God did take care of him and brought him back to us. It just goes to show the devil has been working in our world and he continues, but God’s love is a hope and a peace to our soul.While the hate did not seem to be here in our country, our family members went off and left their lives on hold so that they could go and fight the war in Nam.

  3. Marg says:

    I agree with Teresa for sure Mark, many family members went off to war in foreign lands and still do. Each day our law enforcement go off to war in our streets not knowing what to expect when they get there. I don’t remember seven Mark so not sure what I thought about but I bet it was not the fears of today.

  4. Rosan says:

    Amen and Amen. Thanks Mark. I’ve been injecting little talks with my 2 when I get the opportunity. A different world indeed.

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