A Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

My routine is to post a devotion on Monday and Thursday evenings.  Tonight, my heart just isn’t in it.  I’d like to ask you to use the two or three minutes you would ordinarily spend reading my blog in prayer.  There are so many people in the Midwest who are hurting tonight.  Lift them up to God, and the church also, that it will be able to minister in a powerful way and show the love of Christ to those who are suffering.

See you on Thursday.


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7 Responses to A Prayer Request

  1. Barb Paton says:

    Thank you, Mark.

  2. Marg says:

    Wonderful idea. Thanks

  3. Rosan says:

    I’ve been praying Mark. I found myself singing “into the shelter house I go, where the spirit of God will flow”. I found comfort and pray for comfort for those who’ve lost their children, parents and some lost everything. My heart is very heavy.
    Thanks Mark.

  4. Jenny Golden says:

    Sounds like you might need a prayer request? I’m praying for you now. I am also praying for everyone else too. Thank you for being you. Lift your heart and don’t let it be heavy.

  5. Dolores says:

    I just tried to read your blog and it is Thursday. Only to find out that there is not one. The encouragement to pray for others made me feel better. I guess I have been feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick since Saturday (sore throat). I have been bombarded with company and they and the weather have taken a lot out of me. It has been cold here and that I am not use to. Also Mark, I pray that you are back to par. I miss our church family. I went to church here even though I wasn’t feeling well, but it is not the same. I enjoy it but the music and sermons are so different. The pastor here talks very fast and it takes me awhile to get use to him again. Have a wonderful evening.

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