The Zimmerman Verdict

Because this trial was carried live on the radio, I ended up hearing long stretches of testimony as I drove, especially over a two-day period when I drove from Illinois to Florida.  Ordinarily, I’m not that well-versed on high-profile murder trials, but with this one I feel like I have a decent grasp of what the prosecution and the defense were trying to accomplish…and what the jurors had to work with.

My response to the Zimmerman verdict can be summed up in 2 words:  David Guerrero.

Who is David Guerrero?

He was a 17-year-old boy who was gunned down at a bus stop here in Kissimmee, Florida, on June 26th.   He was on his way to work, minding his own business.  All reports say that he was a great kid.

The shooter was a 15-year-old boy.  He was in a car with his friends.  They were driving around town shooting a Hi Point .45 caliber carbine rifle at random targets, including David Guerrero, because they “felt like it.”  The four hoodlums, none of which are over 20 years of age, are believed to be responsible for ten other shootings in a two-week period, including one committed during a home invasion that took the life of Eric Roopnarine.

It strikes me as tragic that our nation can muster so much outrage over the Martin/Zimmerman incident, but completely ignore the many more heinous crimes that occur around the country every day.  Whatever happened between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, for sure.  But it is at least understandable.  How do you even begin to understand the drive-by shooting of an innocent fifteen-year-old, or the heartless murder of a man who’s only crime was sitting in his house?

Clearly, there are people involved in the Zimmerman/Martin affair who had agendas.  For reasons I don’t have time to get into, they wanted this trial.  Many experts say–and it seems apparent after the verdict–that the evidence didn’t warrant the charges that were brought.  But people had agendas.

So now the trial which probably never should have happened is over.  People on both sides are having their say.  Cries of injustice are being heard all over the country.  Threats of civil suits are being made.  And the media, of course, is conducting its usual dog and pony show.

All while David Guerrero, a true innocent, lies dead in the ground, virtually unnoticed.

Something is terribly wrong here.

At the end of the day, I am thankful for the promise of Job 36:7:  “He never takes his eyes off the innocent, but he sets them on thrones with kings and exalts them forever.”








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18 Responses to The Zimmerman Verdict

  1. Randy Whitehead says:

    The chapters of Judges 17-21 come to mind. But especially this verse: Jdg 17:6 (NIV)
    (6) “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.” It is my opinion that many people in our world today are despising the moral values, leadership is not supporting these moral values, and the outcomes are like the day of the Judges. Everybody is doing what they think is right — outcries of wrong doing even from outside of Florida where no one could know the truth. I feel for all the parties involved, especially the innocent ones you have mentioned. Seems like about twice a week, innocent boys and girls and men and women die in St. Louis — without much notice or worry.

  2. Bob Tremblay says:

    So true Mark..
    The media take one incident,and make it a circus,while so many other incidents are hardly given any attention…
    Look at the number of killings in Chicago,and in Orange county,so far this year.
    I blame our media for taking whatever story will get the most attention,and focusing on that.
    We need God back in our lives,and not taken out of it as the liberals are trying so hard to do.
    They won’t take God from me,no matter how hard they try..
    If things don’t change,we will fall as Rome did.

    • Mark says:

      The media seems to jump on whatever crime/trial best serves their purpose of getting ratings. Then they proceed to sensationalize it even more.

  3. Teresa says:

    This incident is truly a sad incident, that the news has turned into a greater catastrophe. I wish the news focused more on the human strength and kindness of people. A simple smile or act of kindness can do so much more to make our world a better place. Such great stories might include the positive rewards of organ donation. Some family was kind enough to donate a liver to my friend Vera Thebeau 23 years ago and she was able to share her smile and helping hand up into her eighties at the local McDonald’s. Vera was a good God fearing Christian woman who gave the good fight up until December when her kidneys failed and her body broke down to cancer. She had great family plans but God had greater ones for her when he took her home to His mansion Saturday evening.

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for sharing, Teresa. I took a two-day media training course a few years ago and the one thing that was impressed upon us most of all was that the media doesn’t care one whip about good news because good news doesn’t sell. We like to think of the media as a public service, but it’s really just a business. Whatever inflames people, whatever gets people to tune in, that’s what they’re going to put on. May God bless and keep your friend, Vera.

  4. Bob malkemes says:

    Mark, I stole Chris’ IPad here…. Your right about this…thinking same thing when they caught these four. No winners boy dead, another who’s life will never be the same, the families impacted. Sad….
    Miss your preaching…hope all is well.

    Bob Malkemes

  5. Alan Wolfe says:

    It scares me that thing like drive by shootings happen right here in our own home town. As a person that relies on his bicycle for my travel I fear that someday someone may take a shot at me because he may feel a bike should not be on the road. I have come close many times of being run off the road, but a pray every time while I am riding that God will watch over me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pastor mark lol

    It would of been in your best interest to keep your opinion out of the blog regarding the Martin/Zimmerman case. It clearly says alot about you and your character. You would never understand why the people are marching in the streets and are so upset with the outcome of the case. Young black men and kids have and are still being gunned down in the streets and the state of Florida is not holding anyone accountable. You sound like the biggest closed minded, confused idiot of all times and it makes me sick that you call yourself a pastor. You should of made a blog praying for both families in that case! Maybe said something in reference to peace to all or a comment on the gun control issue here. You have diffently lost two families at your church due to your bias ignorant ass!!!

    • Mark says:

      It says a lot that you write me anonymously. What you apparently don’t realize is that this blog engine tells me who you are, even if you list yourself as “Anonymous.” Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret.

      Also, I have to smile at your comment that it would be in my best interest to keep my opinion out of the blog. Um, excuse me, but it’s MY blog. Who else’s opinion would I put in it?

      Third, I believe you missed the point of the article. My point was that to focus on one incident when there are countless murders all around us that go unnoticed is a tragedy. Go back and read it slowly, you’ll notice that I made no comment whatsoever on the verdict. I only pointed out that many people believe the prosecution overreached with the charges because some, particularly those in the politial arena, were pursuing agendas. This has been reported on virtually every news outlet. The best legal minds in America were predicting acquittal days before it happened. A weak case is a weak case, no matter how much a person might wish otherwise.

      Finally, you call me a “closed minded confused idiot,” and you say, “You have lost two families at your church due to your bias ignorant ass!!!”

      Just keep in mind, it’s not my church. And I have definitely been called worse.

      I wish you the best and hope you can find some peace on this issue.

  7. Vanessa Russell says:

    I think you’re right in that this case is way too televised. Many of the commentaries say they’ve seen many cases like this and it just boils down to,Was it self-defense? After watching much of the trial, I no longer believe the issue was racial, as originally portrayed by the media. But I also believe that Zimmerman over-reacted out of cowardliness, regardless of who attacked who. And to over-react by killing someone unarmed should come with consequences. Perhaps going into hiding and constantly wearing a bullet-proof vest and never feeling safe again will be his punishment.

    • Mark says:

      Vanessa, you may be right about Zimmerman overreacting. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. However, I do know this…people who have differences shouldn’t fight. Bad things happen when people fight, especially when one is carrying a gun and one isn’t. When the fight started, it was almost inevitable that something terrible was going to happen.

  8. Klaus Roetsch says:

    Mark, your blogs have touched me in so many ways, opened my mind to being a better person, more understanding of mankind. You are truly God’s servant. God bless.

  9. Marg says:

    WOW Mark, never looked at you in the way that the man or woman above does? Just a little surprised for sure. i believe they are the closed minded to think that because there was a black person involved that is what the issue is. It made no difference to me that he was a black teen and Zimmerman was a hispanic. It was a tragedy for sure. I think there was way too much media given to the case. Yes Mark there are many more things happening in our backyards for this to take presidence for me.

  10. Sonya Smith says:

    It is my prayer that my comments are viewed in the spirit in which that are given with respect and love. I agree with you that in this case they were many people who had different agendas and reasons for their actions. This not new thing. It happens at work, relationships and as you know as a pastor, at church. I would like to submit that not every agenda is negative especially in cases when it shines light on systems, beliefs, or actions that negatively impact the lives of EVERYONE whether they are aware of the impact or not. With so many voices and agendas, it is difficult to hear the small still voice but as a Christian, we are equipped through the Holy Spirit to do so. We need to listen more with the mind and heart of Christ and talk less with the words that may not always effectively communicate our thoughts. Agendas can inform what is truly in a man’s heart. I prefer to know what exactly what I’m interacting with then to be in the dark. I will NOT be unsubscribing because I believe dialogue is better than silence.

    • Mark says:

      Sonya, thank you for a thoughtful, reasoned, and above all, kind response.

      You’re so right about people everywhere having agendas. I even have an agenda with this blog: to try to direct people’s thoughts toward spiritual things so we can all grow a little stronger every day. The truly sad thing is that incidents like the one between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman bring people out of the woodwork…people who are otherwise uninvolved who jump into the fray and try to capitalize on the tragedy, whether it’s a politician trying to gain notoriety or the media trying to gain viewers or a T-shirt shop printing and selling provacative messages. I wonder how things might have turned out differently if the prosecution hadn’t bowed to pressure to go after a murder charge. From everything I’ve heard and read, it was an ill-advised charge that was always going to be virtually impossible to prove. Perhaps a lesser charge would have brought a different outcome. I guess we’ll never know.

      These last couple of days I keep coming back to one thought: there’s a better world coming, where people don’t fight and shoot each other and write ugly emails. I can tell from your email that you are looking forward to that day, as I am. Thanks for writing.

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