Slim and None

Dr. J. Vernon Luck made enormous contributions to the world of medical science.  He invented the Luck Bone Saw, which is a vital surgical tool used around the world, wrote textbooks on bone and joint disease, and was a pioneer in the work of reattaching severed limbs.

And when I say he was a pioneer, I mean it.

It was in 1961 that a man named Robert Orona had his left arm almost completely severed in a construction accident.  In those days, standard procedure would have been to amputate.  But Dr. Luck decided to take a chance.  He set about the work of reattaching the arm, with all its crushed and mangled bones, blood vessels, and muscle tissue.  Almost no one thought he could do it, but he did.  It was a groundbreaking surgery that opened the door to some amazing new medical possibilities.*

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying about having two chances, slim and none.  Often, it’s true.  Sometimes the outlook is so bleak that a person with an ounce of common sense would conclude that retreat was the only logical (and safe) course of action.  But sometimes in those very circumstances we find our greatest opportunities to break new ground and set new standards.

When David strolled out to meet Goliath carrying only a leather strap and a few small stones, I’m sure the odds makers would have given him no chance.  The bets they were taking probably had more to do with how many pieces David would be chopped into when all was said and done.  But it was on that day that David set a new standard for faithful obedience, one that has been inspiring believers for thousands of years.

Don’t let those two chances, slim and none, scare you.  Remember the bumblebee, according to its size and weight in relation to the size of its wings, should have no chance of getting airborne.  But as I was returning from lunch a short time ago, one flew right past my nose.

For further reflection read Matthew 21:21-22, Luke 1:37, Ephesians 3:20.

*Mike Vance, Diane Deacon, Think Outside the Box (Franklin Lakes: Career Press, 1995), 121-122

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2 Responses to Slim and None

  1. Bill and Sylvia Tuckey says:

    Mark we just want to let you know we miss you and your sermons so much!! Of course we miss the all our church friends also. We appreciate how you made a difference in our lives while living Florida. The trips to the hospital which were many and your prayers will be remembered by us. We are in Michigan and surrounded by family. We did have a bad move but we know our Lord will help us get through another rough period. I look forward to receiving your “stronger every day” in hope I too can be stronger in the Lord. Thank you Mark, Bill and Sylvia Tuckey

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for letting me know you made it to Michigan. I know you’re going to enjoy being around your family. But, Bill and Sylia, you know you’re going to miss us when it’s snowing there and it’s 75 here. ;0) Keep in touch!

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