Ooops! Did I Really Do That?

Yesterday, between our first and second services, I went looking for my two grandkids.  I’d seen them from a distance before first service started, but didn’t get to give them a hug.  I knew they’d be leaving shortly and was determined to give those hugs before they did.

I was on a mission as I trudged from the worship center toward the area where our children’s ministry happens.  As I rounded a corner, I heard somebody behind me say, “Hey, you, come back here!”  I turned and there was Billie Le Vrier, one of the nicest ladies in our church.  She was serving as a greeter at one of our back entrances.  I was so preoccupied with finding my grandkids that I walked past her without even seeing her or, obviously, saying hello.

I stopped, turned around, and greeted and hugged Billie, stammering a feeble explanation as to why I walked by her without speaking.  Thankfully, just at that moment, Alexis, my two-year-old granddaughter, came charging down the hall and leaped into my arms.  I turned to Billie as a big wet kiss was planted on my cheek and said, “This is what I was thinking about when I walked by you.”  She laughed and understood.  Billie’s a grandparent, too.

Later, I reflected on that moment and thought about how easy it is to do something that could be misinterpreted.  I would never intentionally snub Billie; she’s a dear friend and faithful servant at PCC who’s done nothing but encourage me.  But I have to admit that any eyewitness to that moment would have judged me to have treated her rudely.

What did I learn?  Always to give people the benefit of the doubt.  When someone doesn’t wave or speak or acknowledge me the way I expect them to, I need to refrain from taking offense and just assume it was an innocent oversight.  Far too many people get huffy over words and actions that contain no malice whatsoever.

I can’t help wondering how many currently  injured feelings are the result of a small, completely innocent oversight that was blown out of proportion.

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5 Responses to Ooops! Did I Really Do That?

  1. Dolores says:

    I think people do get angry foolishly. If my feeling our put out and I become angry, I say nothing that day. If I was still upset the next day, I would go to that person and
    discuss it. As you would expect, I misinterpreted the way I perceived it. Never and I say Never let it go because that is how wonderful friendships are broken.

    While being in Ohio, I miss our church family. Will be home by October!!

  2. Jana Green (Steve) says:

    I am guilty of this, too……….grandchildren certainly take center stage and ALL of our attention!! Glad I am not alone in this behavior!!

    • Mark says:

      Jana, there’s magic in that grandchild/grandparent relationship, isn’t there? It’s one of God’s greatest blessings.

  3. Rosan says:

    Dont you wish the grand children came before the children? God is awesome and knows exactly what He is doing.

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