My Miley Cyrus VMA Post

I’ve been hearing and reading all the Miley Cyrus outrage for the last few days.  I decided to hold off on my two cents worth until the dust settled.  It still hasn’t quite settled, but I have a couple of thoughts eating at me, so here goes.

First of all, I can’t help wondering why so many Christians were watching the VMA’s.  During the show I kept seeing my Christian friends posting about the “VMA’s” on Facebook, commenting on what they were seeing.  I didn’t know what “VMA” stood for (which is not shocking because I am generally clueless about anything that has to do with MTV), so I wondered what they were referring to.   The next day, when I finally connected the dots, I wondered, Why were so many of my Christian Facebook friends tuned into that show?

Is there anything in our culture more godless than the secular music video industry?  Isn’t the VMA show notorious for pushing the envelope toward outrageously blasphemous behavior?  Completely puzzled, I must ask with the apostle Paul: “What fellowship has light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14)  Why would a Christian be attracted to something like this?

I’m not being judgmental here; I would sincerely like to know.  If any Christian who watched the show would like to explain why, I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Secondly, with regard to Miley Cyrus, I’ve seen clips of her performance and am having a hard time working up much anger toward her.  It’s like when a parent brings a python into his house and then is horrified when it kills one of his children.  Does it make any sense to be mad at the snake?  The snake is only doing what snakes do.

Likewise, Miley and so many others in her industry have given themselves over to a purely secular, godless lifestyle.  Why would we be shocked when they walk on stage and act like it?  Given the signals Miley has been giving off lately (which I have written about in this blog), the real story would be if she didn’t walk on stage and do something outrageously distasteful.

When I look at Miley, I feel sad.  She’s trying so hard to remake her image.  That, in itself, is not so bad.  I can fully understand why, at twenty, she would want to be seen as an adult instead of a child.  But here’s a lesson she obviously hasn’t learned: screaming “I am an adult!” doesn’t make you one.  Ten-year-olds also try to act grown up, but they don’t fool anybody either.

Here’s a suggestion for Miley: if you want us to think of you as an adult, quit talking about smoking weed, put some clothes on, put your tongue back in your mouth, and quit acting like a sex-crazed maniac.  No one’s asking you to become a nun, but please, could you just give a little bit of thought to how your actions might impact young girls and the “female as sex object” stereotype that women have been fighting to overcome for centuries?  Until you do, we’re not going to take you seriously, no matter how much you want us to.

Even more heartbreaking than Miley’s misunderstanding of what makes an adult is the road she has chosen to take her into adulthood.  Maybe it’s because she fears deep down that her talent will never win her the acclaim she so desperately desires.  It’s the age-old show business mantra: “If you can’t be good, at least be interesting.”

The problem with the road Miley has chosen is that it leads ever and always uphill.  And it gets steeper the longer you’re on it.  It demands more outrageous antics, more in-your-face irreverence, more extreme rebellion to stay in the spotlight.  And in the end, no matter how hard you try, someone younger and just as good-looking and even more outrageous comes along and captures the attention of the fickle masses.

Miley doesn’t realize it yet, but she has chosen the road to irrelevance.  If she continues on this path, she will someday wake up–probably before she’s thirty–and wonder where everyone went.  At that point you can look for her on an obscure cable channel, appearing in a really bad TV movie.  Or maybe on one of those infomercials that are only played at 3:00 a.m.

I’m not mad at her, I just feel bad for her.  And I pray that something changes in her heart before it’s too late.


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28 Responses to My Miley Cyrus VMA Post

  1. victor bernardi says:

    I honestly was looking forward to Justin Timberlake’s performance reunion with NSYNC but after seeing and hearing some of the comments, I just changed the channel. I missed the reunion but I don’t regret changing the channel.

    • Mark says:

      Vic, I’ve heard some other people say the same thing. Not being an NSYNC guy, I was unaware of the reunion. My generation is still waiting for the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons reunion. 🙂

  2. Kathy Wennlund says:


  3. Karen says:

    Like you, it seems that is all I have heard on the News and all the radio stations…her performance at the VMA’s which I didn’t watch either. So, I finally went to a link on AOL and viewed part of her performance. I was embarrassed for her. What a shame.

    • Mark says:

      Yes, Karen, it was hard to watch those clips without cringing. I couldn’t watch for more than a minute or so, and even then felt dirty.

  4. Mary Jane T says:

    Mark, I’m with you on this one. I really feel bad for her and her family. All we can do is pray that she wakes up before it to late and something really bad happens to her. With all the negative’s shes throwing out there it’s bound to happen. All we can do again is pray for her.

  5. Marg says:

    I am one that did not watch the VMA’s but of course have heard and read comments from it. I feel bad for Miley when she first started out she was ok and then a year later it was all over as far as I could see. She is trying to be like the wrong crowd entertainers and that looses it for me. Well Said Mark I am still not going to look to see what happened on it. Have other things to do

  6. Rosan says:

    Mark, I personally do not watch any music awards shows or anything with the music industry these days. It would appear that most female musicians young and old, are on stage in underwear and bra. This is how low the industry and TV stations have sunk. One could hardly miss the Miley Cyrus horror show because it was saturated on every media (probably in the world) in America. It was disgusting and I was embarrassed when I watched the little clip that was on my facebook page. Yet, I feel very sorry for her. We have to pray for her and parents whether or not they know it.
    As always, I agree with your views on the subject.

  7. Dave Robinson says:

    It seemed like her dance was captured across America and most people watched it over and over again covered by every network. I wonder how many also watched Staff Sgt Ty Carter as he was awarded the Medal of Honor? I too share your sad feelings. I can’t imagine how any father would feel seeing his daughter in that video. In caes you missed Sgt Catrer’s moment, here it is :

  8. Lynn Hofer says:

    So, what does V M A stand for? Surprisingly enough, her dad represents Christians. So often, children from Christian families protest this way. They often come back home, let us hope that Mileyndoes also.

  9. Jenni says:

    I tivoed the VMAs because some of my teens(I have 4 in the house) wanted to see the show. The morning after the VMA’s appeared, I sat down, coffee cup in my hand to fast forward through the show, censuring as I went, to be able to tell my two teens when they returned from school that day what parts they could see and what parts to skip. Of the entire 2 hour broadcast, they only items I would let them see were Justin Timberlake’s performance and One Direction accepting an award. I warned them about Ms. Cyrus’s disgusting display and they said they heard kids talking about it at school. We sat down to view the show, and fast forwarded through it to Mr. Timberlake and One D. My husband said, as you pointed out, with MTV hosting this show, what did the audience expect? It is very sad to see the path Ms. Cyrus is on, to think acting in such a fashion will boost her career. She needs prayers.

    • Mark says:

      Jenni, fabulous post. Thank you so much for sharing this testimony. I wish every parent monitored their kids’ intake like you do. I’m betting you have some pretty terrific kids.

  10. Charlie says:

    Well said. Christian’s complaining about the rot of society is silly. Trying to manage a top down reform is folly. In the first century Roman culture was even more corrupt than our media/entertainment culture. That world was changed as Christians lead their friends and neighbors to Christ one at a time, not by complaints of the orgies of Caligula.

  11. Bill & Peggy says:

    Several years ago when Miley was the dark-haired Hannah Montana and more Disney oriented, she had a concert in Atlanta and our grand niece who has cerebral palsy, was invited backstage to meet Miley, whom she loved. Miley spent 30 minutes with her in the most loving way and Katy was thrilled. It was the highlight of her life at the time. Seeing the shenanigans on the TV news which was beyond disgusting, I was sad to see how far she has fallen in her quest to change to an “adult” persona. The hanger-ons in this industry with their temptations is almost always overcoming to most celebrities even if they have been raised in a professed “Christian” family. Everything you said is 100% right. It is nothing but sad.

    • Mark says:

      Wow, Bill & Peggy, that is an amazing story. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure Miley’s VMA performance was even more heartbreaking for you.

  12. Danny says:

    I don’t know what the VMA’s are either Mark. I only found out about this from some people posting on facebook too. It is sad but way too familiar with these child “stars”. It just never seem to fail but I’m not shocked about anything anymore.

  13. Why is everyone acting so surprised at Miley Cyrus’s performance. She was set up by her very own father whom some deem a “Christian” when he allowed his underage daughter have her 21 year old boyfriend live in the same house with them. Now who is responsible for her behavior now? Let us get real!

  14. Sugaree says:


    Call me clueless, but I had no wind of this story until your post. I’m shamed to say that I had to You Tube the recap to see what all the fuss was about. A disclaimer popped up stating that I had to be 18 years old and above to view it. I figured my time was probably better spent teaching my own children life lessons instead of setting up an account to view the downfall of Hannah Montana. I agree, so sad. My daughter used to watch her show and even to this day still sleeps in her Hannah Montana bedding. To think my purchase contributed to that mess. 🙁 I know what I will be doing next weekend, buying a new bedding set (maybe a solid pastel or pretty floral print) for my 10 year old daughter. LOL

    • Mark says:

      Sugaree, I suspect you would be the only mom getting rid of Hannah Montana stuff this week. Thank you for being a mom who cares!

  15. Shannon Costanzo says:

    As a mother of a daughter this situation is gut wrenching. I am constantly teaching my daughter that there are trashy girls and there are classy ladies. Beauty is found in the heart. Photos on social media site, magazines & TV shows praise women for being sexy. Shirts are cut lower, shorts are cut shorter. You have girls dying to fit in and feel accepted. Girls have lost respect for themselves and society is allowing it. Cosmopolitan magazine for example has many explicate photos that it might as well be called porn. A while back there was a Disney star on the cover of Seventeen magazine. My daughter wanted to get the magazine because the Disney star was on it. I bought it and didn’t think too much of it. Days later when I flipped through it I nearly had a heart attack. There was an article about homosexuality and how it is okay to have those feeling and to explore. I wanted to throw up. I bought that for my daughter. It’s targeting to reach our young girls. I truly think Christians are becoming too silent and far too passive. WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND!
    She is clothed with strength and dignity… Proverbs 31:25
    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Proverbs 31:30

  16. Sugaree says:

    Shannon, I totally agree with you. The squeaky clean Disney image has long been left in the dust. When I have to monitor what my daughter watches on Disney channel, clearly there is a problem (thanks for confirming its not me). I love the proverbs verse. I will be sharing that with my daughter.
    Mark, Let me reference your analogy of bringing snakes into a house and then being surprised when it kills one of your children…there is a reason why certain species of snakes have been outlawed in Florida since 2010. They are a danger to our ecosystem just like these young celebrities are to our young girls. As mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and women in general it’s our job to teach our young children to respect themselves and set good examples.
    Train up a child in the way he should go,
    And when he is old he will not depart from it.
    Proverbs 22:6

  17. Terre says:

    I heard of the Miley Cyrus incident and saw a few seconds of her “performance”. My heart sank. I agree with you Mark she’s trying so hard NOT to be Hannah Montana that she doesn’t know how to be Miley. Unfortunately there are thousands of Miley Cyrus’s out there. Being a parent of an adult child is challenging, from the time they can speak they’re telling you “I can do it myself.” You stand close by watching them struggle and wanting so much to step in and help them. When your adult child/children are on a road to destruction I believe you have to step in as a parent. I pray her parents step in!

    • Mark says:

      Well said, Terre. I think we’re all wondering about her parents. Maybe they’re trying harder behind the scenes and we just don’t see it.

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