The Recovering Heterosexual

Rick Clemons is a self-proclaimed “Gay Man’s Life Coach” or “Coming Out Coach,” as he likes to be called.  You can make an appointment with him and he will help you “get the most out of your life.”  He says he doesn’t care if you’re “gay, straight, or somewhere in between.”  All he cares about is helping you be “comfortable in your own skin.*

A few days ago, Mr. Clemons wrote an article in which he advocated the use of a new term to describe gay people who are coming out.   He says they should be called “recovering heterosexuals.”**

Yes, that’s right.  Recovering heterosexuals.

If you look up the word “recover,” it means “to come back from some loss or damage to oneself.”  A second definition is “to reclaim from a bad state.”  So in this case, the “damage to oneself” or “bad state” would be heterosexuality.

Or maybe he didn’t really mean heterosexuality was a bad state, only pretending to be heterosexual in denial of one’s homosexual impulses.  But that’s not what he said.  He didn’t say “recovering pretender.”  He said, “Recovering heterosexual.”

Mr. Clemons, like so many “life coaches,” is all rah-rah, zis-boom-bah! when he writes.  He advocates “allowing our logical self to play in the sand box of our heart’s desires with no regrets.”  Apparently, that’s only if your “logical self” is not heterosexual.  If your logical self is heterosexual, then you need to forget playing in the sand box and recover.

I don’t know Mr. Clemons.  He may well be a nice man.  I might even like him if we ever met.  But I would suggest that if he really wants build a bridge between the homosexual and heterosexual communities, he could start by not suggesting that people are damaged simply because they’re attracted to members of the opposite sex.

Alcoholics and drug addicts need to recover.  Yes, and maybe pretenders.  Heterosexuals do not.

For further reflection, read Isaiah 5:20.



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  1. Marg says:

    Mark all I can say to this is somethings need to be left alone. I can get all geared up on enough in life without this stuff. Maybe at some time his coach will help him through this.

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