“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

The man who said that was William Cosgrove.  He was an English poet and playwright who died in 1729.  If he were alive today and could surf the Net, I’ll bet he would take one look at, smirk, and say “See, I told you.” is a website that encourages women to expose the “mistresses” their husbands and boyfriends cheat with.  And yes, this includes posting their pictures, names, addresses, and phone numbers.  The site’s slogan is “If you can’t beat them, EXPOSE them.”  And it’s becoming quite popular, if its more than 240,00 Facebook “likes” is any indication.

While I do understand the urge to seek revenge, I have to wonder if the scorned women who use this site have thought though their actions.  Allow me to point out a few “issues” they might want to consider.

Number one, the last time I checked, it takes two people to cheat.  Why is the scorned woman aiming her wrath only at the mistress and not at the husband or boyfriend?

Number two, what if the scorned woman really hasn’t been scorned?  What if she’s mistaken about the cheating?  I’ve worked with people long enough to know that some people are insanely jealous and insecure and can look at an innocent exchange between a man and a woman and see something sinister.  Honestly, it happens all the time.

Number three, what if the scorned woman’s Internet posts inspire the “mistress” to seek her own revenge?  Here’s a word all revenge seekers need to add to their vocabularies:  ESCALATE.  If the shamed mistress feels her life and reputation have been ruined, she might feel she has nothing to lose by exacting her own revenge.

Number four, whatever happened to the high road?  Most women I know hate the term “cat fight.”  They don’t want to be seen as a petty, hair-pulling, name-calling word that rhymes with witch.  But when a woman chooses the tacky low-road in a situation like this, what other conclusion are people to draw?

I’ll probably never meet any of the women who seek revenge through this website, but I’m guessing they are an extremely miserable group.  They may dance a little jig and hoot and holler when their posts show up on the site, but beyond that, what do they have going for them?  As I see it, lots of anger and baggage that they show no signs of letting go of.

I can’t help thinking that says as much about the posters as the postees.  Frankly, if I were single, I wouldn’t be interested in either of them.

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  1. Marg says:

    It never ceases to amaze me what someone can start a dang web site for! Instead of using their brain for learning something good or even entertaining they waste it on this garbage.

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