Stupid in the Moment

Like many of you, I was watching Sunday evening when Seattle Seahawks  cornerback, Richard Sherman, launched into a crazy rant about his own greatness.  I’ve grown accustomed to  boring post-game interviews.  His certainly wasn’t.  It was, however, classless, any way you slice it.

And now the Richard Sherman apologists are out in force, telling us what an amazing person he is.  If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a dozen times in the last 24 hours: he came out of a rough neighborhood, went to Stanford, and nailed a 4.2 GPA.  Oh yes, and he’s never been arrested.

I can appreciate these bits of information.  I probably couldn’t muster a 4.2 GPA in my granddaughter’s second grade class.  (I’m serious!  Her math problems stump me with regularity.)  But there’s one thing we need to acknowledge about Richard Sherman:

He may not be stupid, but he was stupid in the moment.

Like we all have been at one time or another.

How many times have you thought, “Oh, no!  What did I just do?”  It’s no doubt the thought Samson had when he woke up with a crew cut…the thought a young Hebrew woman had when the Pharisees barged in on her lovemaking session…the thought Peter had after uttering a profanity-laced denial of our Lord.

I suspect it’s the thought Anthony Weiner had after he misfired a nasty tweet…the thought Reese Witherspoon had  after she told her arresting officer she was pregnant (she wasn’t)…the thought Hillary Clinton had after she yelled, “What difference does it make?”

I have my own share of actions and comments that I would take back if I could.

So no, Richard Sherman is not stupid.  He was, however, stupid in the moment.  Perhaps we owe him our gratitude for reminding us to be very careful when our emotions are running high or temptation is staring us in the face.  I often think the difference between success and failure in life boils down to what we do, not in the days and years of our lives, but in a handful of minutes here and there.  As a wise person said, “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and one minute to ruin it.”

Oh, and one more thing:

Go Broncos!

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5 Responses to Stupid in the Moment

  1. Rosan says:

    I too, am guilty as charged with running off my mouth without thinking. And yes, Broncos all the way.

  2. Holly says:

    Haha good stuff mark and I especially like ur closing comment:) Goooo Broncos:) being a die hard Saints fan, it’s hard to go for anyone else. But I’ll go for the Broncos since Peyton Manning is from La:)) Goooo Broncos:))

  3. Dolores says:

    I just love your thoughts and comments. This blog certainly applies to each of us
    at one time in our life. Your thoughts do make me think.

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