The End Is the Beginning

Coming to the end of a thing often produces a powerful feeling.

When I put the last bite of a perfectly grilled 16-ounce ribeye into my mouth, the feeling is generally one of impending explosion.

If you’ve ever been dumped by the girl or guy of your dreams, you know the feeling of unbridled despair.

The end of a vacation often produces a feeling of dread in people whose grouchy, demanding bosses are back at the office licking their chops, waiting for them to return.

But endings are often beginnings in disguise.

For example, I am not married to one of the first few girls I dated.  Those crushes and/or relationships had to end before I could begin the most important relationship of my life.  Marilyn sat a few tables away from me in high school biology, but I never really noticed her until the cute little blonde I was sweet on told me to go take a flying leap and took off with an upper classman.

Endings are often beginnings in disguise.

Is something coming to an end in your life?  A job?  A relationship?  A career?  A responsibility?  Perhaps one of your children is moving out of the house or  you’re no longer needed as a babysitter for your grandkids.  If so, don’t despair.

Endings are often beginnings in disguise.

Open your eyes.  Look around.  Some new opportunity has your name on it.

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    Very inspiring!!!!!

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