If Helen Keller Had Been Able to See For 3 Days

Helen Keller was once asked what she would do if she could see for three days.  She said:

On the first day I would want to see the people whose kindness and companionship have made my life worth living.  I would call in my friends and look for a long time into their faces.  I would also look into the face of a new baby.  I would like to see the many books that have been read to me.

The next day I would get up early and see the dawn.  I would visit a museum to learn of man’s upward progress in the making of things.  I would go to an art museum to probe the human soul by studying paintings and sculpture.

The third morning I would again greet the dawn, eager to discover new beauties in nature.  I would spend this last day in the haunts of persons where they work.  I would stand at a busy street corner, trying to understand something of the daily lives of people by looking into their faces and reading what is written there.

On the last evening, I would go to the theater and see a hilariously funny play, so as to appreciate the overtones of humor in the human spirit.  Yes, by God’s light in Christ, see what matters and beholding the extraordinary in the commonplace.*

It takes someone who doesn’t have an ability to remind those of us who do have it what we ought to be doing with it.  Starting today, what will you do, not just with your eyes, but with all of the abilities God has given you?

* Richard G. Capen, Jr. Finish Strong (San Francisco: HarperCollins, 1996), 12-13

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  1. Rosan says:

    What a beautiful soul. So much to take in. We do take so many blessings for granted. Hmm where should I start with my time and all my God given gifts; I get it though. Beautiful. Thank you Mark.

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