President Obama Quotes the Bible

I didn’t watch the President’s speech last night.  I was sitting on the bed in our spare bedroom putting puzzles together with my 3-year-old granddaughter.  Priorities.

This morning I learned that President Obama quoted Scripture in an effort to justify his actions.  Many Christians are up in arms about the reference, partly because it was misapplied and partly because of so many other national issues that our leaders address without giving God’s word a thought.

I am encouraged just to know that someone in the White House knows there is such a thing as a Bible.

Seriously, what President Obama and his speech writers did happens all the time, even in the church.  It’s called inconsistency.

We fall back on God and godly values when they serve our purpose and ignore them when they cramp our style.  Think about David.  He was all about God when Goliath was getting under his skin.  But when Bathsheba was getting under his skin that same God was banished from the bedroom.

I’m pretty sure every person who reads this blog post will be able to think back to a moment of spiritual inconsistency.  Perhaps it won’t be as coldly calculated as our President’s was.  In fact, that’s what bothers me most about last night’s little Bible lesson.  It was so shamefully manipulative.  Still, we’ve all done it.  We’ve all had moments when our talk was far more godly than our walk.

You can stake out whatever ground you want on the immigration issue.  But if you’re a Christian, there’s no debate about the callous misuse of Scripture.  It’s wrong.  Always.

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4 Responses to President Obama Quotes the Bible

  1. Larry East says:

    Great point Mark. Until our actions match the scripture we quote, it is for nothing. Knowing scripture without knowing the one who inspired it and following His direction accomplishes nothing.

  2. Juan Antonio Flores says:

    regardless of my position on the immigration issue, I agree with your words, I have seen it in my church also how we use the word of God to justify our acts when it is convenient but when it is not, we do not use the word of God because it will remind us we are walking a wrong Path… and we do not want that.

  3. Bob malkemes says:

    Your right, we have all done it- — seems to be a day to day battle…. We all have our spiritual strengths- but he knows that one weakness and focuses on that…

    Happy Thanksgiving Mark- miss your preaching as always

  4. Jeanette Harold says:

    I did not hear the President speak on this occasion but we all need to be very careful when we use the scriptures to justify thoughts or acts. Along these lines, I am disturbed that I have never seen, on TV, our President go into or leave a church on Sunday morning. Has anyone else? I know that his movements require many others to secure his safety but surely no more than a golf course.

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