I’m Baaaack!

Let me start by answering the questions you’ve been emailing me:

  • No, I didn’t die.
  • No, I didn’t shut down this blog.
  • No, the corporate offices of alittlestrongereveryday.com weren’t destroyed by a fire.
  • No, I didn’t remove you from the mailing list.
  • No, I haven’t been on an African safari.
  • No, I haven’t been put into witness protection.
  • No, my wife didn’t put me in timeout.

There is one major reason you haven’t heard from me in a while:  I’ve been spending most of my writing time working on a novel.  It’s my most ambitious writing project to date, something unlike anything I’ve done before.  I’m stretching myself as a writer, forging into uncharted territory, in some ways finding out what I’m made of.  For the last few months I’ve been devoting my writing time to that project.   I’m about half done with it.

Because I know you’ll ask, and to save myself from answering all those emails, let me just say it’s a thriller about a church that hires a new preacher.  Everything about this preacher seems exceptional.  The congregation loves him.  His leadership is sparking energy and growth.  But he is not who the people think he is.  Not even close.  Take Jesus’s comment about wolves in sheep’s clothing and give it a shot of steroids…you still won’t be close to what I’m cooking up.

(Insert fiendish laugh here)


I do miss this blog.  So I am recommitting to it.  I may not crank out posts as fast as I did before because, yes, I will be continuing to stir my fictional pot of murder and mayhem.  But you will hear from me more often than you have recently.  I appreciate your patience and the encouraging emails I’ve received from those of you who’ve written to tell me you’ve missed my posts.

On this Memorial Day, I pray that we will all reflect on the price of freedom and be grateful for those who have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy it.


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5 Responses to I’m Baaaack!

  1. Tamra H. says:

    Welcome Back!

  2. Dolores says:

    Hi Mark,
    We are in Ohio now and did not get the opportunity to wish you, Marilyn and the family a great summer. I have seen my family and it has been such a wonderful holiday. God Bless America.

    We are thankful that you are back and our sympathy to Marilyn in her loss. I can not imagine the loss of a parent but we have been praying for her. Wishing you all a happy, safe, and healthy summer. Dolores and Earl

  3. Barb Atteberry says:

    Welcome back!

  4. Debbie Legg says:

    Glad you’re baaaaaaack! And hurray for your novel!

  5. Jere Burbank says:

    Thank you Mark for the update. Looking forward to reading the new book.

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