A Big Day for Sexual Sin

Today has been a big day for sexual sin.  It’s all over the news.

The Subway guy, Jared Fogle, pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and seeking sex with minors.  (His wife has filed for divorce.)

The recently-hacked cheating website, Ashley Madison, revealed that the hackers have released the names and personal information of many users.  (Divorce lawyers, get on your mark!)

And pornographer, Larry Flynt, one of America’s most notorious exploiters of women, endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.  (Might be time for her to strike that “Republicans are conducting a war on women” line from her speeches.)

With the exception of Hillary Clinton, who was already having a bad day, all the people attached to these stories have seen their well-ordered lives suddenly take a nosedive.  Careers, marriages, reputations, and future aspirations will be irrevocably altered, if not destroyed.

What I find ironic is that we live in such a sexually permissive culture.  I mean, really, isn’t sexual freedom supposed to be in right now?  Aren’t we out-of-touch, narrow-minded, sexually-repressed Christians supposed to be the only ones who are bothered by rampant sexuality?  Why, then, are these such big stories, worthy of reporting on national newscasts?

Because, deep down, our culture still has a shred of conscience.  Even in a world that has all but lost its mind, people–both believers and unbelievers–understand that there is still such a thing as sin.  The line may have moved over the years…moved farther and farther in the direction of permissiveness.  But these stories remind us that there is still a line.  Even the most socially and theologically liberal thinkers among us know that certain behaviors are wrong.

If you’re like me, you need to be reminded from time to time that there are still points of agreement, however tiny they may be, where our message can connect with the world…where even the unbeliever has to admit that the Gospel makes sense.   It’s in these points of agreement where conversations can begin.  And in a world where yelling and name-calling is the norm, a conversation is a good thing.




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One Response to A Big Day for Sexual Sin

  1. Patricia says:

    Sometimes the pendulum has to swing 100% to the left before it returns and hopefully this is that time…and it lands in an appropriate sense of spiritual balance.

    According to the daily influx of news it feels as though all hell has broken loose. The spiritual battle is becoming frequently apparent more and more each day. The good thing is that it is being discussed more and more by priests, ministers and pastors all over. Even non-believers are acknowledging something has gone awry. …Even scientists. Finally!

    Although I covered most of history in school – and now, the Bible, it’s only recently that I seem to have become ‘aware’ of …All that is taking place today has happened repeatedly in the past times, in many ways….sex, murderers, killing babies (first born) cutting limbs, thieves, harmful to other humans and animals, etc. etc. Wow, I thought, we humans are evil. Okay, No, not All are evil, but enough to create havoc. With that awareness I almost lost hope. With a quick come-back, I realized we need good and evil in the world, because He gives us CHOICE. Everything has an opposite (that’s were science comes in – another chapter, later.) And it’s up to each and every individual, at there own time and willingness, to choose CHANGE.

    I believe that change comes to each individual, at any different, given time, to stay in the darkness of evil or CHOOSE THE LIGHT, THE WAY AND THE TRUTH, IN JESUS CHRIST.

    So, if I use history as a comparison, this world is never going to change (until, of course, His Blessed Second Coming). But there is independent change.

    This change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a very long working process, and a WONDERFUL JOURNEY. I love that song… “He’s Still Working On Me”.

    Thanks for reading me.
    Have a Blessed Journey!
    Patricia M.

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