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At least once a week someone with a dream asks me about some aspect of the writing life.   They assume that because I have written ten books I must know all about it.  I don’t, and that’s not false modesty.  From day one of my writing career I have been helped and guided by gifted people.  For the most part I’ve just done what they told me.  That said, I have learned a few things just by paying attention along the way.  Here are the 10 most important:

1.  Writers write.  They don’t just think about writing or talk about writing.  They write.

2.  The difference between someone who writes and someone who talks about writing isn’t time, it’s time-management.

3.  People with thin skin never make it as writers.

4.  All good writers are avid readers.

5.  Most aspiring writers worry too much about getting published and not enough about writing something worth publishing.

6.  A good writer finds his own voice instead of trying to write like someone else.

7.  Even the best writers have writer’s block.

8.  Fewer words are better than more words.

9.  Little words are better than big words.

10.  Editors are people too.



3 Responses to For Writers

  1. Kim Goad says:

    Bravo, Mark! 😉

    Next time someone asks me if they can buy me a cup of coffee in return for some writing/publishing advice, I’m going to save them the four bucks and forward this blog entry!


  2. Sharina H. says:

    Thank you Pastor Mark! Those are truly words of wisdom!!! 🙂

  3. R. Bob says:

    Your 10 points are appreciated, well-received and -taken. Thank you.
    It’s not the writing that cripples me, it’s getting published. I have a full manuscript(289 pages) non-fiction, self-help (religious category) with no place to take it for reliable, trustworthy publication. My wish is to have it self-published as closely as possible. I find too many caveats at every turn. Age limits my returning to business status, i.e. establishing my own publishing firm. I know I will need to do the marketing and promoting; I accept that, providing I can get some assistance from a worthy (POD?) Publisher.

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