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A Few Thoughts About a Dirty Word

Hello friends.  I haven’t posted here in a while.  Some of you have asked if there’s something wrong.  Not at all!  I’ve been spending almost all of my spare time working on my second novel.  The words have been flowing … Continue reading

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A Quick Attitude Check

I love a Peanuts comic strip I saw one time that featured Lucy and Linus. Lucy walks up to Linus, who is watching TV, and says, “I have a bad attitude.” Linus says, “Well, maybe I can help.  Sometimes we … Continue reading

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Vulture or Hummingbird?

The vulture and the hummingbird have something in common.  These two radically different-looking birds both thrive in the desert.  But that’s where the similarity ends.  They find their sustenance in very different places. Vultures, as you know, live on the smelly, rotten … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, Mr. Einstein

Neha Ramu is the 13-year-old British girl who recently reached the highest possible score on the Mensa IQ test.  Intelligence-wise, she’s in the top 1 percent of people who’ve ever lived, even ranking higher than Albert Einstein. (If I may digress, I … Continue reading

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Would You Get A Massage From That Guy?

We’ve all seen the guy standing beside the road holding up a sign promoting a nearby business.  He might be dressed in a costume or normal clothing.  He might be standing still or dancing to his iPod.  He might be holding the … Continue reading

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Act Better Than You Feel

A few nights ago Marilyn and I went to an Orlando Magic game with some friends from Tennessee.  After the game we decided some barbecue would cap off a perfect evening.  We walked into the restaurant 25 minutes before closing … Continue reading

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Chronic Grouchiness

Carroll Spinney is the magnificent puppeteer who’s spent most of his career giving life to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.  When Oscar was first being created, Mr. Spinney needed to come up with a voice that would fit the … Continue reading

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