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Return to Sender

I had an all-too-typical experience yesterday. A young woman whom I’d never met stopped by our office and asked to speak to me.  She said she had four kids, and that one of them had cancer.  She and her husband … Continue reading

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House For Sale: Must Love Snakes

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Annapolis, Maryland, don’t buy the one at 631 Truxton Road.  It’s a beautiful home on an acre of ground.  You’d probably like it very much, except for one thing: It’s infested with snakes. … Continue reading

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A Lesson From a Lightning Bug

According to scientists, the common lightning bug gives off 1/40th of the light of a normal candle.  So if you had 40 lightning bugs all clumped together, and if you could get them to all light up at the same … Continue reading

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