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Jameis Winston and the Fine Art of Enabling

I love football. I’m not a Florida State fan (Go Mizzou!), but I don’t have anything against them either.  I’ve enjoyed many of their games over the years and have always been a Bobby Bowden fan.  But this Jameis Winston … Continue reading

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When People Become Things

I am different things to different people…and the key word is “things.” To the bank teller, I am an account number. To the mailman, I am an address. To the doctor, I am an appointment. To the politician, I am … Continue reading

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The Crucial 5%

Wayne Cordeiro is the pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii.  In his book, Leading on Empty, he makes a proposition that is well worth considering.* Wayne says that 85% of what we do can be done by … Continue reading

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7 Preachers Who Get Under Their Church Members’ Skin

Because, in fact, it’s not just church members that can be irritating.  Preachers can drive church members crazy, too.  Like these fellows you may know: Fred Fullbore:  Every sentence Fred speaks, in or out of the pulpit, has an exclamation point at the end.  Check his … Continue reading

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7 Church Members Who Get Under Your Preacher’s Skin

Part of ministry work is dealing with irritating people.  I once heard a veteran preacher say to his congregation: “I preach for free.  It’s putting up with you people that I get paid for.”  It was, perhaps, an inelegant comment, … Continue reading

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Dropping the Ball

According to the Associated Press, the Army has removed 588 soldiers from sensitive jobs such as sexual assault counselors and recruiters because they have been guilty of sexual assaults, child abuse, and drunk driving.  I applaud the Army for making … Continue reading

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The Essence of Leadership

I am amazed at the number of leadership books that are being written these days. I was in a bookstore recently and counted 14 shelves of leadership books. There were hundreds of titles, written by coaches, quarterbacks, CEOs, entrepreneurs, pastors, … Continue reading

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Life Coaches Commit Suicide

John Littig and his common law wife, Lynne Rosen, committed suicide last week in New York.  They were found with plastic bags over their heads and a tube attached to a canister of helium.  The reason the story made headlines is … Continue reading

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