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Some Really Bad Christmas Gift Ideas

What are you getting your loved ones for Christmas? If you can’t decide, some celebrities have some suggestions for you. The Olsen twins’ fashion line is offering a backpack for $55,000.  (If you’re wondering what it looks like, it is … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lawrence: The Fine Art of Aiming Low

About a month ago I wrote a post about the actresses, including Jennifer Lawrence, who had their private nude photos hacked and exposed to the world.  The gist of the post was that if you don’t do something that would … Continue reading

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Duck Dynasty Defenders: Are We Wrong?

This evening I read an interesting and well-written article by Faith Bogdan in which she says, “Shame on the church.  You know why?  We are fighting the wrong war.”  Yes, she’s referring to all the people (like myself) who have … Continue reading

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Is Something Missing?

A new post office was built in a small Pennsylvania town.  It was a town that didn’t see much new construction so everybody in the community was very excited about it.  But on the day they held the ribbon cutting and … Continue reading

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Which Buttons Are You Pushing?

Ed Gungor tells about a group of psychology students at the University of Berkeley that pulled off an interesting experiment.  Without their professor’s knowledge, they agreed to listen intently and take notes with great fervor whenever the professor stood near the … Continue reading

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Would You Get A Massage From That Guy?

We’ve all seen the guy standing beside the road holding up a sign promoting a nearby business.  He might be dressed in a costume or normal clothing.  He might be standing still or dancing to his iPod.  He might be holding the … Continue reading

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Joined at the Hip

In 1908, Kate Skinner, an unmarried barmaid, gave birth to Siamese twins.  Their names were Daisy and Violet.  They were joined at the hip and shared blood circulation, but no major organs. Skinner’s boss, Mary Hilton, assisted with the birth.  When … Continue reading

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Religion By Rules

The Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican, otherwise known as Vatican II, convened on October 11, 1962.  Over the next three years the council met four times and produced a series of changes that would affect the way Catholics lived … Continue reading

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