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Praying For Those in Authority

In 1920, Congress passed the 18th Amendment, which outlawed the manufacture, sale, consumption, and transportation of alcoholic beverages.  The amendment ushered in a period of American history known as Prohibition. But the 18th Amendment was a colossal failure.  Many historians … Continue reading

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Post-Election Thoughts

The election is over and it seems most evangelical Christians are disappointed.  In some cases, disappointed is not the word.  Grief-stricken would be more accurate.  May I offer three simple suggestions? First, stop acting like people who have no hope.  Please, … Continue reading

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The Movie Massacre

As I write these words the entire country is trying to process what happened last night at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.  I’ll not mention the stats because they seem to be changing by the hour.  Suffice to say, … Continue reading

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