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King David Hits the Campaign Trail for Trump

King David is back!  He’s been dead for thousands of years, but now he’s out there on the campaign trail, stumping for Donald Trump. Oh, it’s not his choice.  Who in his right mind would trade heavenly bliss for a role … Continue reading

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Solomon, Bob Coy, and the Dreaded Downward Path

Today is the day my new book, The Solomon Seduction, is being released nationwide.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited.  I typed the first word of the book almost two years ago.  I spent hundreds of hours reading, … Continue reading

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Those Icy Fingers Around Your Throat

Sheldon Saltman, a publicist who worked for Evel Knievel for a short time, wrote a book in the late 1970’s called, Evel Knievel on Tour.  The book trashed the famous stuntman’s character, alleging that he used drugs and mistreated his wife, among … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Chris Broussard

As you surely know by now, veteran NBA center, Jason Collins, has acknowledged that he’s a homosexual.  Even though his “coming out” received lots of media attention, I didn’t feel inclined to comment on it in this blog because, well, … Continue reading

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If You’re Naked and You Know It, Clap Your Hands!

How could you possibly be naked and not know it?  Surely the room would seem a little drafty.  Or maybe the upholstery would feel a little rougher than usual.  Or you’d notice everybody staring.  Or gagging. Strange as it may seem, … Continue reading

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