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Target Goes Gender-Neutral

Have you heard?  Target is going gender-neutral in some sections of their stores.  Not the men’s and women’s and boys’ and girls’ clothing sections, but in others that aren’t so blatantly gender-specific.  A statement from the Target website says,  “For … Continue reading

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Preaching: The Forgotten Priority

The coming of a new year always inspires a lot of articles and blog posts about cultural trends and how the church needs to respond to them.  You’ve probably seen them floating around on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve read a … Continue reading

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My First Week on Twitter

Among the things I thought would never happen are: The zombie apocalypse. Rush Limbaugh becoming a Democrat. Miley Cyrus becoming a nun. The Cubs winning the World Series. Mark Atteberry opening a Twitter account. The first four of those are still … Continue reading

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Facebook: Making Fools One Post at a Time

Let me preface what I’m about to say by assuring you that I’m not anti-Facebook.  I have several friends I keep up with (one who lives in the Philippines) that I would probably lose touch with if it weren’t for … Continue reading

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Tweeting with the Pope

Think back twenty years.  If somebody told you then that someday the Pope was going to tweet and it would be broadcast around the world, what would you have thought? In the interest of full disclosure, I don’t tweet.  I don’t … Continue reading

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